Saturday, September 3, 2011

Essentials for First Aid

My son's accident at home made me run to the drugstore to fill a standby First Aid kit. Our household keeps one kit, which is usually taken along when one of us leave for an out-of-town trip. Since college, it has become our habit to include it in our travel checklist.

During my son's recent accident, hubby brought our First Aid Kit when he went out of the country and I was frantic when I realized we didn't keep a spare. While waiting at the hospital, I made a list of what we might need. The list grew so long I had to minimize by considering common accidents at home.
So after returning from the hospital, I headed straight to the mall to get these:
Our First Aid Kit costs about Php 300 (excluding the black organizer we got as a freebie for being a loyal Laking National customers).



Indeed, most common accidents happen at home. You ought to be careful of your son and teach him the hazards he should avoid. But in any case of car accidents, you should have a car accident lawyer to standby.

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