Monday, February 21, 2011

CDO's finest: Polymedic Medical Plaza

Mindanao is certainly gearing up to meet healthcare needs of Filipinos. Cagayeños no longer have to travel all the way to the big cities to get quality medical care. The newest addition to the Polymedic Medical Group (PMG), the Polymedic Medical Plaza (PMP), opened last March 2009. The new medical facility introduces a more sophisticated ambience with a hotel-like lobby.

The ground floor features quick access to the Laboratory, Rehabilitation and Outpatient Department. The Radiology Department has newly acquired Open Type MRI (Hitachi Airismatic) with 0.2 Tisla. Tisla is the measure of magnetic strength. It determines the procedures the equipment can perform. The 0.2 Open Type MRI can perform basic procedures on the brain, spine, upper and lower extremities and the whole abdomen.

Polymedic Medical Plaza Laboratory
Pedia Phlebotomy Area

MRI scanned images are read by Dr. Basalo (Cardinal Santos Hospital, San Juan, Manila). With the internet, Dr. Basalo gets to read the images online and sends his interpretations and recommendations within 24 hours, unless he notices abnormalities. Patients can expect to retrieve readings 1 day after the MRI procedure.
Outpatient Department

The Polymedic Medical Plaza also features the sleep lab (Pulmonary Clinic), where patients with sleeping and snoring problems get expert care.

On the second floor, you can find specialty clinics: Cardiovascular Center, Chemotherapy Clinic, the Dental Clinic and the Wellness Center. I found it interesting to have a playroom which will extend its hours of operation when they get additional child care providers.

The PlayRoom @ Polymedic Medical Plaza
The third and fourth floors have doctor's clinics and patient rooms, respectively. The ICU, Operating Room and Hemodialysis Center is housed at the third floor. All floors are well-staffed with friendly nurses to accommodate patient needs.

Everything in the center has the patients' needs well thought of. Even the DOTS Center, situated out in front of the hospital, is a specialized facility for patients with TB. A separate building, right at Kauswagan, National Highway, is the pharmacy and canteen. And because they also promote wellness, they have a gym on the second floor of the canteen so patrons don't have to go inside main building to get a workout.

The Polymedic Medical Plaza currently offers executive check-up packages. Some packages are bundled with a free overnight stay at the Plaza'a suites.



Medical facilities like these provide better healthcare in the region. At least they're providing it in the area.

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