Monday, February 7, 2011

Scratch-Proofing Gear

I think more men are prone to have their tech gear scratched because most women have fun dressing up even their gadgets ;) Men, in my perception, prefer to keep things at a bare minimum, unless called for. And those who could hardly care but sport their new tech toy run the risk of disappointment.

Good thing they have these invisible shield invented. I saw a retailer at SM Annex a few months ago and, as far as I saw, they were careful in installing it to make sure your tech gear is protected without the nuisance of bulging rubber and leather cases.

I just watched this video from Zagg.com and I have to admit I was scared to even try..

I am just glad my HTC's protected when I got it. Whew!



This is a very useful gear especially to those techie. hehehe visiting here through bloggers exchange

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