Monday, February 21, 2011

Koronadal Diagnostic Center Offers Elastography for Early Signs of Breast Cancer

Last February, I visited mom and our nearest kin in Koronadal. Although I've visited last year and spent some time with relatives in Lake Sebu, I have missed seeing this new medical facility, the Koronadal Diagnostic Center at The Atrium. So I passed by last February to have a look.

What's so special about Koronadal Diagnostic Center? This coming summer 2011, the new elastograph will be available here.

Digital Imaging for Early Diagnosis of Cancer 
In 2009, the study on the efficiency of realtime tissue elastography revealed at least 99% accuracy as compared with tissue biopsy. With ultrasound, however, women who have history of breast cancer in the family can have better chances with early detection and treatment when necessary. The results were presented at the Scientific Symposium on Multidisciplinary Approach for Breast Cancer Management last October 2010. Studies of the use of the imaging technology in detecting early signs of cancer in other areas are under way.

I first learned about elastography through Dr. Ben A. Suedad, Jr, radiologist. He recently finished his training in Europe to operate the new Hitachi Preirus with elastography and he will be bringing this new technology in Koronadal Diagnostic Center. This imaging technology has been widely used in the US and Europe, but developed and improved in Japan. This advancement in detecting cancer in its early stage can save more lives. So women in South Cotabato and nearby provinces do not have to travel far.

Breast cancer is a top threat to women in the Philippines. In the majority of cases, breast cancer is transmitted through the genes so women with relatives who have breast cancer are highly encouraged to submit themselves to scanning for early diagnosis. Women in areas far from modern hospital facilities have the least chances. Good thing this new elastography ultrasound will soon be available in South Cotabato.



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