Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Contest | My Million Hectare Run | Free Tour, Travel & Spa GCs, and Gift Packs

Help save our forests by answering the “1 M Question” in our Blog Contest


1. Write a blog post answering the question: “Why do we need to restore 1M hectares of our forests?" Include photos or videos of the impact of climate change (recommended but optional).
2. In your entry, include a link to: Haribon Foundation, ClubTravelNOW! and Pinoy Holistic Healthcare.
Add a Facebook 'Like' widget on your blog entry and get your friends to like your post.
3. Post links of your entries at the comments box below.

Prizes at Stake:

1 winner 3D/2N Lake Sebu Backpacking Tour (Adventure and Cultural Exploration) worth Php7,000
1 winner of 3 GCs from ClubTravelNOW! worth Php1,500
1 winner GCs of Spa/Massage for 2 persons at Confetti Spa worth Php1,000
1 winner gift pack from Haribon Foundation

Consolation Prizes:

10 winners of GCs from ClubTravelNOW! worth Php500 each
Consolation prize winners will be determined by ClubTravelNOW!

Terms and Conditions:

Winning entries will be determined by:

     1. Quality and relevance
     2. Number of likes

Entries will be accepted until November 30. On December 1, all winning entries will be posted on the sponsors’ Facebook Fan Pages: Haribon Foundation, ClubTravelNOW! and Pinoy Holistic Healthcare.

In case of a tie (same number of likes), the entry posted earlier will be prioritized.

ClubTravelNOW! GCs can be redeemed on any ClubTravelNOW! Trip from December 2010 to June 2011. Only one (1) GC may be used per trip. GCs are not convertible to cash, but transferable. GCs may not be used with any other promotional discounts. ClubTravelNOW! Members can only avail one discount per trip.

Free 3D/2N Lake Sebu Backpacking Tour can be redeemed from January to November 2011. The package includes 3D/2N accommodation, full meals, land transportation, guide and park fees for adventure and cultural tour of Lake Sebu including the Zipline Adventure. Tour is not convertible to cash. Airfare not included but can be arranged to fit winner’s availability and airfare budget =)

Redemption of Prizes:

Free 3D/2N Lake Sebu Backpacking Tour can be arranged with Pinoy Holistic Healthcare.

ClubTravelNOW! GCs can be claimed from ClubTravelNOW!

Confetti Spa Massage GCs can be claimed from Pinoy Holistic Healthcare.

Haribon Foundation Gift Pack can be claimed at Haribon’s office in Cubao, Quezon City.

Questions? Just post a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can =) 1 random (via Random.org) qualified entry to be posted below on November 23, 24 and 25 (1 special winner per day!) will get a special gift from Pinoy Holistic Healthcare!!  (maybe join the Lake Sebu Backpacking Tour? hmmm...we'll see...) The first 5 entries will automatically get gift packs from Haribon Foundation's sponsors.

Winners, kindly fill up the form found at the bottom of this page.



Great contest. Here is my link


Here's my entry


I cannot place a Facebook widget on my Multiply blog huhu what should i do? email me pls at jemanongsong@yahoo.com thanks

Inspiring contest.Here is my entry:



Thank you for joining! Please help spread the word, we need all your help to speed up our forest restoration.

@jl, sent you a PM.

where is your pm? here is my another entry. similar to the previous one. http://meme.yahoo.com/patrickstar88/p/zdHShfr/ (meron kasi jan facebook like widget automatically) hehe. email me na lang po. sorry for the incovenience. thanks

ok, thanks po. disregard na lang po my multiply entry. i'm using the meme na. thanks2. :)))

here's my entry: http://hearmerrroar.blogspot.com/2010/11/save-our-forests-save-our-world.html

Hi, here's my entry. :)


Awww... I didn't make it to the first 5.. :,( Sayang.. :(


Don't worry, we have many prizes :)

Here's mine

Hi princess yingying, you may want to use another blogging platform to be able to include the 'Like' widget. Multiply doesnt allow you to include widgets/plugins such as the Like widget.You have to share your entry, and gain Likes.

hello...for the gift pack winners....how do i claim it if i'm in cebu? hehe


no worries..For gift pack winners, I will send your gifts via courier on Nov 30 after picking it up from Haribon's office :)



am i officially in? LOL. i needed confirmation...because, my post has been quite popular now. nyahahah

Yes, Amiel, you are 'officially in'. dami mong fans ah.

Good luck to all!! 2 more days to promote your entry :)

hahaha...yes, mabuti nalang marami akong fans...

@amiel: hmpf!!!!!!! hehehe

@leah: i filled out the form! so excited to get the gift pack!

Huli man daw at magaling.... nakakahabol pa rin!

here's my entry:


Hi Ada,
Abot ka pa naman. You have to put a Like widget on your post and get friends to like your post :)

@Hear me roar (She), I got your info and will post today ;)

17 hours to go, everyone!

@leah: until what time ang contest sa nov. 30? hehe.

Hi Jelo,

Contest is until 11:59pm Nov 30...10 hrs 30 min to go...

so you will monitor the blogs until 11:59 pm? when will be the announcement? hehe. sorry for asking. :)

Yes. All entries will be forwarded to the sponsors and winners will be posted by Dec 1, 5pm :)

I hope i still make it, =) Here's my entry..


I hope this still counts...


Glad you can make it, Solara and 'I love contests'

All winning entries will be posted on the sponsors’ Facebook Fan Pages: Haribon Foundation, ClubTravelNOW! and Pinoy Holistic Healthcare by 5pm, today. Thank you for joining everyone!

Hi... Hope my entry was confirmed over at http://www.embracingeveryday.net/2010/11/29/why-we-need-to-save-more-than-1-million-hectares-of-rainforest/

Weeehh! I'm excited!!! - kat of ilovecontests

hi i didnt see a post of the winning entry from haribon's fb page hehe

ang tagal naman naaanxiety na ko. hehe

sorry to keep you waiting...lapit na...VIPs breaking the ties...

kung ako lang, WINNER kayo lahat!

This comment has been removed by the author.

si amiel po pala eh 189 likes lang naman po siya?

hi Jelo,

Aside from Likes, the entries were judged for the quality (cohesion, relevance, style) of the blog post.

ok how can we claim the prize? thanks :)

@amiel, you're welcome..kindly include your e-mail address in the contact form so we can arrange your tour.

@jelo, kindly fill up the form at the bottom of the winners' page.


bakit walang "send" button yung form sa winners'page?


hi Ada,

you may have to scroll down a bit to see the 'Submit' button

Thanks! Thanks! Have you gotten my form submission? :)

Yes Ruth,

I have your info at hand :)

Thanks again Leah!

Just wondering when will the gc/prizes would be delivered? So that I could advise the people at home :)

Hi Leah, I am just wondering if the prizes have been shipped out? :) And if there is a need for me to prepare my ID or anything? Thanks.

Hi Ruth, I have sent your voucher already. But please wait for my text confirmation since I am still trying to settle it with Confetti Spa. Tried to email you but I don't have your email address :)

Hi Leah, when did you send the vouchers? We haven't received anything. =( Please email me at ruth.is.ruthilicious[at]gmail.com.

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