Friday, November 19, 2010

Pilipinas Kay Ganda in place of the good ol' WOW Philippines!?

Since the release of Pilipinas Kay Ganda, Philippine Tourism have been trending in social network sites. A lot of fresh and catchy lines have been thrown off Twitter already. With "WOW Philippines" and "Only in the Philippines"getting more positive feedback. I kind of like "WHAM! Philippines" instead of "Pacquiao Philippines."Oh don't get me wrong but I'd have to agree with the branding experts, there's more to it than just words and logos. We have to look at a wider perspective. A friend (Thanks Anna!) shared one of DOT's Facebook tools which got my attention. It was simple but fun to play with words. However, the fixed tag at the bottom "kay ganda" is limiting. Here's my first shot at it:

And it gave me this:

Haha. Not what I expected..but I guess this'll push me to do it in Photoshop. I'm rusty at it and was hoping I could use this instead. There are so many great Filipino designers, graphic artists and copywriters. I hope they'd pitch in. Here are some of the stuff I bumped into while looking for ideas:

Boboy Cosunji's "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" and Campaigns & Grey, where it all started
DOT D.I.Y., DOT started soliciting ideas for the Philippines travel slogan
Dindo Magallanes' Branding the Philippines (QWIK WIP)

Before we end up bashing and throwing at each other for the infamous Pilipinas Kay Ganda tag (it doesn't sound great to me either so i know how you feel!), let's try to be productive and offer something to improve the way things are going.

Here are some of the things to check before you take the plunge:

Philippine Tourism Public Photos
WOW! Only in the Philippines!

I'll update this when I get to read more helpful information. We all enjoy exploring our country and promoting our adventures. Let's show them how proud we are of our resources and our heritage. Gawa na!

As much as I don't want to dwell on negative issues, I'd like to share something I came across this morning (11/23), The Lies They Tell. Maybe this can drive more Filipinos (citizens and government employees) to be aggressive in contributing to increase productivity and efficiency more than to simply lambast the government for their efforts. Now that we have new media to carry out feedback to erring practices in governance, I'd suggest our government agencies be open and keep up to date with concerns related to their jurisdiction and influence. Include online discussions as part of your assessment. If used effectively, this can help us grow towards transparency and lead to renewed trust.



alam mo ba, leah, na malaking problema ng DOT itong Pilipinas Kay Ganda na slogan at website kasi if you accidentally put F instead of P sa pinlipinas, porn site ang lalabas! hahaha...

I haven't tried but YAY!! minamadali kasi e...tsk.tsk.tsk...

Sana hindi na lang pinalitan ang Wow Philippines

hello May,

It seems to be a trend locally that changes in leadership in government will automatically mean changes in programs. New programs sprout without properly assessing current or previous projects.

I'm not sure if they are conscious that they are using the taxes that Filipinos pay. So sad to learn that they're not using it wisely.

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