Sunday, November 14, 2010

Monday Morning Surprise!!!

LBC surprised me by knocking at 7:30 am. I was handed the package and grew excited when I read that it was from none other than Janette Toral. Being new to the blogosphere (well, not really, but I left my old blog in 2008). Now that I'm back, I decided to explore what's going on by blog hopping on topics that interested me. First stop, food!

I knew Ms Janette started a food blog, so I decided to drop by. I've had this interest of joining online contests but never really tried submitting entries. Ms Janette had this simple but fun contest 13 Ways of Saying Thank You and win a Toblerone. There are 13 ways of winning and I only know how to blog and recently started using twitter (follow me @theorangenipa, Thanks!). With all the entries at the Thank You Day Museum, I didn't expect to win. But it was timely that I had just finished my article sharing my son's story and it reminded me how helpful other people have been during our most trying times. 

I gathered my sons because I enjoy seeing them open gifts. Children are very appreciative, it doesn't matter whether the gifts are expensive or not. And I hope that they will learn to appreciate simple things in life.

Thank You Day Prize a Surprise!

was actually expecting a smaller prize but I had to WOW when my son opened the box. What a Great way to start my Monday morning! 



Cocoy can you give you tita May some Toblerone? Haha...Make sure to brush your teeth after eating ha :) Mukhang madami yang surprise na yan. Congrats te Leng! ako din nanalo - http://cookthisrecipe.blogspot.com/2010/11/i-won-free-ticket-to-sweet-surrender.html

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