Saturday, November 6, 2010

Celebrating Thank You Day

Filipinos are very fortunate for accessible, affordable and quality medical care at Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC). VMMC is primarily a government hospital dedicated to our veterans. Fortunately, they have opened their facilities and services to the public (with proper authorization and consent from the Director). You can expect hospital policies to be strict but you can be assured that you will be taken care of. So far, I think it is the cleanest government hospital in Manila. In celebration of Thank You Day, I would like to throw in this post to the dedicated pediatricians at VMMC.

Vetereans Memorial Medical Center
The years 2005 and 2009 were critical for me. The first, being my first pregnancy, where the pediatricians detected a murmur in my first son’s heart. By early diagnosis, we were able to get him the medical attention and special care he needed. During the latter, my youngest was confined in his 2nd week of life. I felt like I was a first-time mom again, but I was guided with patience by the resident pediatricians.

my little angels
I am greatful for the pediatricians at the VMMC (2005-2010) for taking care of my sons since birth. I would like to take this moment to especially thank Dr Jocelyn Cruz and Dr Jeanna Ples for being supportive, helpful and patient (with me) during Hosei's critical first year. And to Dr Maria Rosa Villaflor for supervising Tomas’ early days at the hospital.

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