Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Be Moved by Reefs and Rainforests

The Philippines, now declared a biodiversity hotspot, cradles so many new species that rocked scientists from California Academy of Science. It feels so different knowing that our country is bestowed with more natural treasures than we ever imagined. Here are more reasons to protect and conserve Philippine biodiversity:

How does it feel to be part of something so important?

This video documentary inspires me to further support local conservation efforts. Now that we know, let’s do something about it. Simple acts compounded matter a lot. Let change start from within. I hope to meet you someday in one of my volunteer gigs. 

We’re so happy with the discoveries and the newfound friendships. Proud of the Philippine Team! Sorry hon, took me some time to look at the big picture and realize why you had to go and miss most of family time. Kudos to the rest who assisted the marine exploration team.

Have a glorious and eco-friendly day ahead!

Video courtesy of California Academy of Science as featured in ABC 7 News



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