Saturday, December 10, 2011

Healthy Kiddie Party Treats

Busy November is finally over. 

Grateful to have my son's 6th birthday - even with hubby away, again. It was his birthmonth, too. And he was out-of-town for business even on that special day. It can be a pain but, yeah, work can get in the way sometimes. Nevertheless, I am thankful and proud seeing my son understand that we had to simplify our celebration. I appreciate hubby buying his gift and getting Mernel's in time to greet our son before he left.
greetings before school
Simple but fun! He helped me pick-up the ice cream and while the kids were taking a nap, I double-timed to get these goodies set up.  

Birthday boy loves strawberries but since they're off season he was pretty much content with pears and Soyami Soya Chips. I regret not getting those bread sticks I saw at Soyami's booth during MHC 2011 fun run. The chips go wild with goat cheese, too, but better serve them for adult guests. In place of choco fondue, I used a bittersweet choco bar combined with butter and cream for the choco dip.

I would've loved to make my own ice cream but had limited time so we got these at the neighborhood ice cream store. They have coconut milk-based ice cream. While some flavors are not even premium ice cream, with Soyami Chips they get extra texture and flavor :) Di daw masarap pero ubos!

Oh, the wine is for the working mom :) kiddos got orange juice! Toasted bread was sold out earlier so we used soya chips to go with Carbonara for dinner.

Game prizes? Since I bought trial packs from Soyami, I decided to share them here. Had been contemplating whether to make chocolate lollipops and buy some toys. Instead, I put together a couple of teaser sweets,  a healthy snack idea, Treehugger pencils, crayons and animal stuffed keychains. I do hope the kids enjoyed them because I'm thinking of getting something similar for the Christmas Party kiddie loot. Any suggestions?



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