Monday, September 26, 2011

Proudly Pinoy: One Town, One Product

I planned to check out the OTOP National Expo 2011 last Friday and said I'd only stay for an hour.  It was getting late and I thought I'd still drop by my best friend's office so we could catch up. The expo had roughly 200 exhibitors organized according to industry which made it easy if you only want to look at food or home furnishings. Well, I went through all of them! 

Galing ng Pinoy! I found a couple of interesting stuff for the house. I had to bookmark some more because they were bulky items. I prefer a natural finish for home furnishing. Fortunately, hubby and I usually agree with home decor. Only his definition of home decor includes his toy collections. For now, I don't mind since the boys also get to play with them.  

I couldn't stop myself from going back and trying out some of the delicacies. I enjoy getting native pasalubong and have fun trying different food products from all over the country. 

Some of my favorite pasalubong/snacks during my visits to the provinces include:

Calasiao Puto from Pangasinan

Empanada from Ilocos

There were some that I have not tried yet. 

Delicacies from Samar, Zambales and Quezon

Oh, and maybe its sinful to have more of these but I just have to indulge every once in a while ;)

Bagnet, Alamang and Adobong Tahong
Mom would be happy to hear Sultan Kudarat entrepreneurs joined. The 1st Mindanao Coffee Congress will be held on November 17-19 2011 at the province. Looking forward to my next flight to see more of Sultan Kudarat!

I didn't notice I had stayed for more than 3 hours. I took some photos and got the chance to chat with some entrepreneurs. I will feature them here soon so you can get to know them :)



thanks for sharing, just found your blog from the caravan...

did you happen to graduate from UPLB, because Mernel's cake and Pili drive from your profile sounds familiar...

more power!

Icar of http://oflimesandlemons.blogspot.com/

Hello Icar,

Yes, I lived on and off Los Banos for almost 11 years. My hubby and I started our family there ;) just can't live without Mernel's choco cakes!

Thanks for dropping by!

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