Friday, September 16, 2011

Mini Giveaway for Peace

Still in shock from the surprises and blessings we received the past week. Had been planning on posting this sooner but this wahmmie is just overwhelmed with to do lists.

Last June, I joined PeaceTech's Workshop in using Technology for Peace. What I learned has significantly changed how I  communicate with others. It has helped me 'read between the lines' and appreciate more the diversity and richness of Filipino culture. I hope that PeaceTech will continue to share their learnings and touch the lives of more youth in the future.

Without much ado, as a way to support PeaceTech, Pinoy Holistic Health is giving away 5 .com domains to 5 lucky bloggers :) Be proud and wear the Blog for Peace badge.

In advance, thank you for supporting our small gesture to support PeaceTech.



Hi sis joining your giveaway my blog post entry can be foundhere. Hopefully it is okay but if not please feel free to contact me.

Thank you and peace be with you. :)

Thank you for joining, Ryheanne ✌

i will be back here soon sis! i still can't "like" fb pages..am temporarily suspended from fb.. :( too bad!

Hi Gay, bakit ka naman na-suspend? Aww..too bad :( I do hope you'd get it cleared soon.

joined! i hope i still get in :)

Hi! aw too bad ngayon ko lang nakita tong mini giveaway mo. I think I'm too late to join kasi yung required mechanics is to post 100 words not later that September 21 :(

Sorry I'm late. Would have joined this. :(

Hi Kayce and Miss C :) extended the giveaway. We need all the help to spread peace around! I hope you can join!

I already joined! Thanks for extending the giveaway, Leah. :)

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