Thursday, August 25, 2011

CSR - Working Towards Shared Values

The First Philippine Conference on Research in CSR is a joint effort to change the way businesses work. From an external function, the trend of CSR now pushes the private sector to support national development whilst pursuing economic profitability and sustainability. 

Despite the increased CSR and not-for-profit efforts, many Filipinos still do not have access to education, healthcare and struggle in poverty. How can CSR efforts be measured and effectively implemented? 

I remember attending a non-profit's capacity-building seminar several years ago. In the lecture, it was discussed how the different sectors in society access, acquire and utilize wealth. The government was said to have the most advantage in accessing funds. Oh, we're talking about good governance and appropriate use of funds, not corruption here. Privately-owned companies often take aggressive and calculated risks in acquiring and utilizing profit. And because the rich are getting richer, they must be doing something right! For a wholesome post, we are again assuming that these businesses are legal, too. Finally, the academe was described as the least to have ease in accessing funds while resources are focused in developing leaders. 

This event will bridge gaps in many ways. For businesses, an introduction to CSR and CSR experiences in the Philippines will be presented. For the academe, research in CSR also opens opportunities for students pursuing business courses. CSR and Corporate Governance are now mandated by CHED for Courses in Business. For NGOs, compare methodologies, best practices and network with possible project partners.

Presentations on CSR Research Experience are lead by CSR experts from DLSU, LCF and AIM. A snippet of Dr Ben Teehankee's research indicate that CSR activities lead to better market acceptability and companies with CSR activities more likely attract better talent. In another perspective, Professor Francisco Roman explained that CSR is an effort towards creating shared value between the shareholder and stakeholder. In his presentation, he will talk about collaborative research, research for businesses as well as lessons and insights on actual CSR experiences.

Dr Ben Teehankee, MAP CSR, DLSU
Prof Fransisco Roman, AIM RVR CSR



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