Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MORCON 2011: Working with Search Engines

With BPOs becoming the fastest growing industry in the Philippines, foreign-based countries have learned to entrust back-office and more business operations to Filipinos. As more Filipinos venture to find other sources of income, the internet comes handy in providing work opportunities for the internet savvy.

I was rather surprised to find that the participants of the MORCON 2011 come from diverse backgrounds: SEOs, online marketing professionals, web designers and a number of freelancers in their respective specializations. It was a pretty comprehensive learning event that levels up Filipinos' online expertise. I'd say the event could have been extended to 2 days to facilitate the sessions more efficiently.

Pioneers and experts in the fields of Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Link Building, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media shared their strategies and learning.

And as Marc Acsay has advised, keep experimenting and continue learning. Online activities and frameworks continue to evolve so there's no definite trick or tip. Even Google updates search algorithms more than a hundred times every year, according to Kim Tyrone Agapito, Search Strategist and SEO. Agapito's emphasized that webmasters have to be careful and follow the ultimate G book (Google's guidelines) or risk getting banned. And all our efforts would boil to nothing.

As the Pros say, site optimization can't be done overnight. I've been messing with some tools lately and I'm thankful to get this warning. Thats just not how organic SEO works. While some webmasters have attained rocket-high statistics in a short-time, there's no guarantee that these untargeted attempts will bring about conversions. While its best to keep 'learning by doing', perhaps, I will follow Acsay's advice to assess risk vs profit. It is after all, not worth it to work against search engines ;)

Mastering Online Ranking Conference, SEO Org Philippines

A critical element which changed so many things online is the integration of social media. For some, it may be likes and follows. But really, it requires more than tweaking sites to attract those valuable clicks. Social Media gives online efforts sugar n spice - something which makes working online less lonely.

Cheers to SEO Org Philippines!

Well, back to work! Enjoy experimenting, everyone!



Cheers for the future SEO strategist :D I enjoyed Acsay's and Vive's presentation, you knew why! :)

Cheers, Daryll!

Too bad I missed the first 2..
yes, I know how you feel :)

It's been nice to work with a site. Making it visible and on the competitive ranked makes you feel all the works worth it. Like in SEO Philippines they have the strategies to drive ranking sites not just competitive but also marketable.

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