Monday, November 14, 2011

Guiltless Party and Snack with Soyami!

My mood sparks my cravings. And because I tend to splurge on food cravings, I try to stay away from snacks that have the least benefit. I am actually spending, so I might as well get something good from it. That's how I look at 85% of the food I stuff into our shopping cart. Yes, I am the captain of the Cart so I get a final say on what gets in and what goes back in the shelf :D

And having heard of the healthy snack, Soyami, I just had to see for myself.

Soyami Soya Chips in Original, White Cheddar and Pizza (not in photo)
We actually had a refresher on the food pyramid when my son and I reviewed their Science lesson. It's a good thing he appreciates the value of eating good food to keep fit and he agrees that nutrient-rich food should be prioritized. We both agreed we had to cut back on candies and chips high in sodium. I taught him where to look and he now checks the nutrition info on food labels.

With Soyami, giving in to snack-time cravings are guilt-free! Soyami Soya Chips are made from real soya, no MSG and no transfat. Eating Soyami supplements my daily protein and calcium needs. And I don't have to hide it from the kids! Y'know parenting is not 'all words'. Children need mentors and parents are their primary resource. I am just thankful Soyami is now available in supermarkets.

I don't want to shortchange my kids so I try to pick heathy snacks they can both enjoy and share with friends.No, I don't feel bad serving chips for our upcoming kiddie parties. We're having a small one really soon! They always get White Cheddar :) while I stock up on the Original and Pizza, alternately.

Here are some of the snacks I've tried with Soyami Soya Chips :) Snack and party without the guilt!

Soyami with Capers

Soyami Topping on Homemade Cake

Chips for our kiddie parties :D

Soyami with Dark Espresso Beans (yum!)
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Wow! I really love Soyami... :)

Great post... I love it!

This is extended guys. Thanks for joining.... :) Goodluck and God bless...

Thank you for dropping by, Chard :) Will make Soyami part of our intimate get together and will share a separate post for it later!

looks yum. hopefully it would be available here in dubai too... for a soya-milk lover in me, this one's a must-try at least.

Hi Ion, I used to prefer soya milk, too. Many Filipino food are now available in countries where a lot of Filipinos work/live. I do hope you can get a hold of one there soon!

Thanks for dropping by Liz :)

Its only November and we're having a lot of invites for parties. With healthy alternatives like Soyami, party guests don't have to worry about what(quality and quantity)they eat.

Kain lang ng kain, haha! Happy Thanksgiving!

a lot of craze about Soyami! :) we must try this, but I'm still having doubts with the soya taste, does your kids looooove it? :)

Hi Daryl, Tomas loves both original and White Cheddar (even ate an entire pack by himself!). Hosei says they taste 'different' daw. He ate it with the cake though.

It doesn't really taste like tokwa or tofu. I appreciate it more because its not very salty (unlike most commercial chips).

Wow, they look so tasty! Kids nowadays are so lucky they have fortified and healthy snacks, as opposed to before that chips are mostly junk food. Great recommendation you have here!

Your creativity makes it more compelling to try this Soyami Snack. I have been seeing it in almost every corner of my Facebook groups.

dimaks // www.skamid.com

Thanks for dropping by Kei and dimaks :)

It was also my first time to try Soyami.

Thanks for the compliment. hehe. I'm a chips-a-holic - thats why I try different setups depending on my mood :D was so happy with Soyami lang, i guess.

my usual chips are now taking backstage :) hope you get to try one - its for your health din.

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