Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ayurveda, Yoga & Wellness - Wellness Within Reach

Holistic healthcare practices have been used for centuries in many Asian countries. These practices help practitioners through preventive and practical natural healing methods that are often overlooked in our modern times. But because of the rising costs of modern healthcare facilities and services, many patients have turned to natural healing and wellness.

The 2nd International AyurvedaYoga & Wellness Convention & Expo Philippines 2011 features "Wellness within Reach - Affordable Health for All". It is set this weekend, November 26 to 27 at the Alberione Auditorium, Daughters of St. Paul, 2650 F.B. Harrisson St. Pasay City. 
Topics include Ayurveda for Filipinos, alternative medicine in the Philippines, and food management for health and wellness. For those who are under medication or treatment, Ayurveda's integration with modern medicine will also be discussed.

My personal experience with natural healing has started many years and strongly influenced by a family friend who is a healer. She makes use of herbs, plants and tree parts in healing procedures. Since natural healing takes consistency and maintenance, it may not be a replacement for critical health conditions. Regular cleansing is key and so is keeping a healthy and balance diet. Furthermore, these holistic methods promote collective healing and wellness by reaching out to other community-members and helping others to attain their optimum health.

Lecturers will also be available to answer queries, clarifications as well as provide free consultations to participants. For more information, you can check out Ayurveda Manila's website.



I have experienced Asia's alternative medicines and let me just say, it's not half bad. Alternative medicine is effective in its own way. My favorite is aromatherapy diffuser. I always feel relaxed.

Yoga is one of my hobbies. It's a relaxation technique that releases stress. I always do this as part of my weekly routine. It's simple and very easy to do. What I like is the feeling of invigoration after the session. It's healthy for both physical and mental aspects of my life.

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I agree with the last comment. In our daily life, stress and other factors affect our whole well being. It even gives us an unhealthy body. Stress makes us fat and ugly. However, yoga helps us release those stresses and other unrelated factors. Yoga brings back the beauty within us. Aside from doing exercises, I also do yoga therapy to heal my whole well being and become a better person.

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Yoga can help you stay fit and healthy both in mind and body. This practice could be a good support for any soaring body after every session.
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Yoga is a clinically tested and proven exercise, which is effective in improving overall health. I'm not surprised if medical experts recommend this as treatment or remedy to patients.

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Yoga is a good weight-loss program. There are a lot of benefits of yoga. It can also improve your mood and lengthen your patience.

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Alternative medicine can be a good option for people in dire straits to finding the best health insurance plans in their locality because there are a number of factors to be considered in getting such.

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