Monday, November 21, 2011

Get that Picture-Perfect Figure: No Gym Sessions Required

From the traditional town fiesta to the trending food trip, you can tell that Filipinos sure love to eat. Since our November double celebration, I’ve been digging into more than my usual diet.

Oh, I used to be a bit behind my ideal weight. But the way things are going, I think I’ll be achieving my ideal weight in no time. Let it pass that I may go overboard in a few weeks. It is part of the joys (and guilts) of the holiday season!

The last BER months are not only the season to shop ‘til you drop. It is also the season of get-togethers (friends and family reunions) and celebrations (weddings and thanksgiving). Aside from summer (when friends flaunt an enticing tan behind the revealing swimwear), December calls for our best appearances for the year – something like a culminating presentation.

While we were nibbling our way during meetings and luncheons, we’ve accumulated some nasty folds here and there. Let’s face it, the food is just great. It’s a shame to let it go to waste. But we’re just too occupied with To Do’s that we barely have time to go to the gym. Well, I’ve got great news for you!

 It’s now possible to get rid of those excesses, fast!
A breakthrough technology in slimming makes it possible to remove fat cells without surgery. Yep, no needles! I personally do not want to go under the knife – unless it is a matter of life and death. And I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate some help in keeping an awesome figure less the risks.

Allura introduces its slimming and body contouring programs. Ara Mina attests to the efficiency of the slimming capsule used in Thermo-lipolysis. The treatment reduces one’s water retention capacity and hastens one’s metabolic rate back to its state when we were younger, making fat reduction more manageable. It allows her to burn 900 calories in just one session (equivalent to 5-7km of jogging). She has gotten used to the session that she can even sleep during treatment. It’s like going to the gym less the hassle. 

Allura has an array of treatments to fit different slimming and shaping needs. From specific areas like bulging tummies, cellulite-ridden thighs to flabby arms, Allura has the right treatment for it. Another treatment, Lipo Cavitation, uses ultrasound technology to break down 10mm of fat in 10 minutes. I find it unbelievable but you can go and check out the testimonial of celebrities.

You oughta check their plans now as they are on sale this season – on all programs. That’d be 50-65% savings! With these treatments, you can go in and out for a week and get your full program done in no time. Recovery is immediate, so no worries of downtimes or missing important dates while recuperating.

Prior to each session, your personal consultant will assess your condition and recommend a comprehensive treatment program to address problem needs.

I have a moderately active lifestyle trying to engage in outdoor activities as much as time and circumstances permit. I regularly have long walks and consider cleaning the house and chasing my hyperactive toddler as part of my exercise program. Sure, I can workout at the gym but I don’t even have the chance to jog in the morning.

Thanks to Allura, I will get to try their Bio Ultra Tone treatment. This particular treatment was recommended by the consultant who attended to me. I have problem areas – tummy and thighs – which needed toning. I am scheduling my appointment first thing when we return to Manila in January. Actually, excited to try it out but have to wait ‘til the holiday rush is over and things slow down at work.

102 Richwell Bldg. Mezzanine
Timog Avenue, Quezon Ciy
Tel: +63.352.7876 / +63.352.7679
Mobile: +63.917.8ALLURA



this is so nice. no need for liposuction in order to get rid ogf those tummy fats and much cheaper ,less stress.This is a good new for all the chubby people out there and for those who are too lazy or no time to work out.

nice one I hope and pray that someday my hubby would treat me to go through such pampering and beautify session there

this must be referred by everyone.

Well, if you could go to the gym then why not? I mean, the gym can be something fun, and not be seen as a chore :D That is how I see it :)

I underwent a similar non-surgical procedure, iLipo. I enjoyed the experience well although I was there for 5 sessions only...but it works!

Even though breakthroughs like this is now present, still this is not the best option for everyone. I bet the price will be that expensive in order to lose those extra pounds and get the desired slim figure? Anyways, still great to know that we have this kind of service in the market today.

@Tatess and Air, di naman ako chubby! lolz. but it has been years and even with regular running up and down the stairs and some bending here and there, I just can't get rid of fat in my problem areas.

It is relief that post-pregnancy fat can easily be removed!

Hello Stu, before you get treatment, they'll have to assess you and then see which treatment plan will work best for you.

Hi Jonathan, I'm an outdoor person so I'm not into the gym. I mean, I'd rather jog, swim and rock climb to get fit and have fun. But since I don't have time, for me, this seems to be the shortcut in attaining that trimmer fit, fast ;P I guess for me, the way to (drive/park/traffic) the gym gives more stress than getting on with the workout itself.

@Matsumoto Chan, looking forward to my scheduled visit :) Basta no surgery, it won't freak me out.

@Ads, true, this is not for everybody. But I'm a mom who still wants to rock even with 2 kids ;) If you compare with rates overseas, local treatment is cheaper. I am also glad these services are locally available now. Thanks for the visit everyone!

doon ako nagcomment sa link on your name kasi i was having a hard time looking for your link on the FBW thread ang haba na kasi. anyway, a nice day to you.

how much? haha super interested...hirap kasi mag diet...

but it looks or the premise is like sauna, maybe just intense heating...

No prob, Hazel!

@Yuuki, they are on sale now! up to 65% off! yes, intense heating but you wear something like a thermal suit and in treatment, they will adjust settings to help you gradually get accustomed to the heat. the tech gives instant results, they measure before and after every session...excited to try mine in January!

I am amazed by these modern treatments not only for the women, but also for the women. We never had this back in my day.
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This is amazing. I think Philippines is one of the best place to undergo cosmetic surgery. Aside from it offers cheaper price, the surgeons are highly competent and the country is technology-oriented.

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Its' good to see that the technological advances in the field of weight loss are getting better and better, I can't wait to see what they'll invent next.
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This sounds really interesting, I've been wanting to try this kind of technology out. Thank you very much for sharing.
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