Thursday, June 23, 2011

Philhealth Registration Day set on June 25

In the Department of Health's (DOH) attempt to encourage more Filipinos to sign up for Philhealth, they have arranged to hold registration and advocacy activities in selected public schools.

It is but old news to developed countries that insurance companies shoulder most of medical bills. Finally, we have Philhealth locally and the government is pushing to grow membership and premiums to cover more Filipinos' health expenses. Individuals considering registration should keep in mind that health insurance benefits come with duties and responsibilities.

Interested individuals should bring copies of birth certificates of the dependents they intend to declare together with a minimum of a quarter's premium (PhP 300).
My husband and I have been Philhealth members since we started employment. My sons and I have benefited some years ago and I dare say it helps. I would go as far as encouraging heads of households to register and sponsor your house staff as an added benefit. I'm sure they will be thankful for this gift of health ;)

Register at:
(Sorry, will be updated as soon as I get info from DepEd/DOH. Thanks!)



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I'm glad the government is encouraging people to acquire health insurance plans or health care support. Health care is not a choice, it is a necessity.

It may not be quite on the same level that of other countries, but it's still a solid step in the right direction for a developing country like the Philippines. If anything, this should make health care that much more accessible to more Filipinos.

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