Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Living the Dream at Apo Reef

The Philippines has so many natural water and landscapes to explore. One not to miss is the Apo Reef. Known to divers around the globe, the reef boasts of diverse marine species. 
Migrating birds are often seen dropping by once in a while. 
The island houses one of the major domestic lighthouses which serves as a beacon to fishermen roughing it out at the seas. 
Diving at Apo Reef provides a genuine escape from the hustle n' bustle. The lack of amenities on the island itself forces one to go back to basics and rekindle the simple joys of nature. There are no overnight accommodations for tourists but they can camp on the island. Many tours offer onboard accommodations or day tours.

What makes it stand out is the clear water and the diversity of fish found here. It's not cheap to go diving at Apo Reef. But its one adventure you shouldn't miss if you want to see more of the Philippines' underwater treasures.



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