Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Healthcare Facilities for Growing Demand in Health Travel

While looking for health-related job opportunities I can post for local medical and allied-health professionals, I chanced upon this post Why Medical Graduates Look to Travel. Throughout secondary and tertiary education, we have been lectured about the impact of brain drain. Today, we continue to contemplate on this issue versus the contribution of overseas workers to the country’s GNP. This is primarily one of the reasons why I want to promote medical tourism in the Philippines. The competition will improve medical facilities and services in the country. It may be a long shot but it’s not impossible to eventually increase employment opportunities and benefits of medical and allied-health related jobs within the country.

With the ongoing trend of tourism, local travelers can jumpstart local medical tourism by trying out improved medical facilities within their regions instead of flying to Manila. Unknown to many, groups of medical professionals have already established offices and continue to hold medical practice in their place of origin. As information and medical technology is improved, soon, local medical facilities can offer services in distant regions and provide medical services to isolated areas.

Try to look at the employment trend in other industries where Filipinos excel such as customer service/support. The Philippines has become one of the top providers of customer service personnel. And service providers continue to excel without going abroad.

With this in mind, I am looking forward to visiting 2 new medical facilities in Manila, Cagayan De Oro and South Cotabato. Come back soon to see where and what these local facilities have to offer.



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