Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Lesson for Healthcare Professionals

I am saddened with the Yahoo! news today. DFA: Nurse in Ventilator Accident Video is Filipina got me searching Google for the video. I was quietly hoping I won’t find it online. Having it published online would be another disaster to our country’s rich and diverse labor force. The video was posted at Telegraph.co.uk last Monday. This brings us to be particularly keen on the quality of training and education our nurses have locally. I can only agree with Philippine Nurses Association National President Leah Paquiz' statement on the decreasing quality and standard of nursing education.

Let’s prevent this from ever happening again. Despite efforts to decrease unemployment of nurses, by hastening the process of accreditation and licensure, agencies must strictly comply with industry guidelines and standards to deliver quality and competent patient care.

The London case, still under investigation, will remain to caution all healthcare professionals and students not to be complacent. Patient care entails skills training and service. In the end, competence and hardwork will always be rewarded.

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