Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top 3 Emerging Trends in Healthcare Careers

Thousands of nursing schools are currently producing tens of thousands of nursing graduates. Search engine results show most searches for information related to nursing come from the Philippines. The popularity of nursing as a popular topic as well as an ideal college course has placed other allied-health opportunities behind. In an article last September 28, GMA News.TV quoted Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, “the demand for nurses has declined.” However, this was not the first announcement regarding opportunities for graduate nurses. As early as 2008, Philippine Nurses Association National President Leah Paquiz has raised concern for increasing unemployment among nursing graduates. Paquiz was quoted in 2008 that the rise of Practical Nursing courses worsens the unemployment and standard of nursing education in the country.

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What, then, can prospecting college students look at as alternative to Nursing as a college degree? Let’s put on “alien eyes” to see general observations that we may have overlooked when considering future plans.

The increasing number of older people who have been following healthy regimens and afforded innovative medical treatment to overcome chronic illness and live longer will want to be useful and work, longer, too. Their extended capacity and the information revolution will facilitate opportunities to get them to perform tasks despite their golden years. More businesses will open doors to employ middle age folks and they will continue to be productive with the help of personal and home healthcare professionals.

Meanwhile, fast-paced technological advancement arising from rigorous competition among companies developing medical equipment and facilities result to specialized training needs for personnel to operate special equipment, thus the need for technology support specialists or medical technicians.

Another important and undervalued career in the industry is that of laboratory specialists. Modern medicine is shifting from its reliance on clinical findings to more accurate results of new diagnostic equipment. Generally, sampling and testing has been improved to increase efficiency and reliability rates.

For those still interested in venturing on health-related jobs, I recommend that you watch these 3 careers closely and cross out the Nursing option, if you haven’t started it yet. There may be better opportunities ahead for these new demands. Check out this free special report Hot Careers for college Graduates: 2010 from University of California San Diego Extension.



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