Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Filipino Mountaineering Federations support the National Greening Program: Freedom Climb 2011

2011 being the International Year of the Forests, PNoy tasked DENR Secretary Ramon J. P. Paje to lead and launch the National Greening Program early this May. The National Greening Program (NGP) aims to cover 1.5 million hectares of "forestlands, mangrove and protected areas" from 2011 to 2016. Government agencies and departments tapped are required to plant a minimum of 10 seedlings per year in areas determined by DENR. 

More trees. More life.

To support this endeavor and to help fight climate change, the organizers of the Freedom Climb 2011 have partnered with the DENR requiring all participants to plant 10 seedlings. These designated areas will be managed by respective nearby communities  in their Community-Based Forest Management Programs.  EO 26 requires the involvement of all 14 departments and agencies, State Universities and Colleges and Local Government Units. In the linked document, you can view the designated tasks of the different stakeholders. I hope that this program will be integrated with all the ongoing responsibilities of agencies involved. But because we are all beneficiaries, everyone is invited to partake and pledge at least 10 seedlings per year.

For 2011, NGP aims to cover 200,000 hectares of denuded and marginal lands. The massive tree-planting project is also intended to supplement food and provide livelihood opportunities to local communities. 

Another interesting aspect of the event, rather the highlight of the Freedom Climb 2011, is to make a new Guiness World Record: 


This national challenge is for all Filipino mountaineers to unite, be counted and let the world be amazed: 105 mountains from 7,107 islands within 24 hours. A simultaneous flag-raising ceremony will be held on June 12 to commemorate our National Independence Day. Ceremony will be held in the different climb destinations across the country. With this initiative, the mountaineers and DENR will have better relations when it comes to keeping our mountains clean and in good shape. As the outdoor dictum goes:

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.

Freedom Climb 2011 also supports the No to Mining in Palawan Movement. Please take a few minutes to 'sign' the petition.

By joining The Orange Nipa's Boracay Giveaway, we are helping promote the National Greening Program and inviting everyone to join us in this national celebration through the Freedom Climb 2011.

3 easy ways to earn points. We are still adding prizes for this giveaway! So HURRY visit our partner site for the mechanics.



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Tree planting is always a good idea with all the pollution everywhere these days. It's always good to see or hear about organizations dedicated to keeping the planet as green as possible.


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