Monday, April 18, 2011

Charmed in Bohol

Living in Manila provides us many conveniences. One of which is easy access to the airports, bus terminals and ports that bring us to different parts of the country. So when we want to escape from the Metro's chaos, we pack and explore the provinces. Deciding on which island to visit is quite difficult but we prioritize the places we haven't visited before.

Every place has its own charm and adventure. One of the first islands we visited as a family was Bohol. There are places and things to do for each of us.

We like to see and experience the natural wonders. Finally, we had the chance to see the Chocolate Hills. 

Well, it was March when we went there and the hills haven't turned chocolatey just yet. Nevertheless, they were a sight to behold. The chocolate Hills is a national geological monument.

I find it a challenge to go to places where I have to overcome my fears. Tight spaces, heights and open water are among them. Oh, the list can go on as I continue to discover myself every day. The Hinagdanan Cave was discovered by a farmer when he was clearing his land.

After removing the trunk of a dead tree, he found a deep hole beneath. He threw a stone to find out its depth and was surprised to hear a splash. It was later used as a water source for drinking, washing and bathing. Soon after, a larger dead tree trunk had to be cleared. In its place, the land owners created a stairway - thus its name, 'Hinagdanan'.

We teach our kids about the different animals which co-exist with humans.They learn to respect other species and, even at a young age, the kids become mindful of the things they do that may harm animals or plants.

Marine life is my hubby's second love. Yes, I'd like to think I come first :) Along with 5 interesting dive sites, there is a locally-mangaed 400 sqm Marine Protected Area of Coral Reef Fish Sanctuary in Balicasag ISland's vicinity. Check out the Balicasag Island Dive Map below.

Finally, something we all enjoy doing most: swimming!

From the town proper, you can head to the local tourism office to get information about hotels, resorts, tours and transportation around Bohol. They have a wall-wide collection of pamphlets, fliers, brochures from travel and tour providers. We mostly dined at the Bee Farm's resto (SM) and at the Inasal House*. The Bee Farm has a lot of homemade recipes using organic, farm-grown ingredients. We loved their pasta and pizzas most as well as the tea they recommended to go with our meals. The --breadhouse is our favorite source of snacks. We rented a cab to service us around since it was rainy (mid March) when we went there. The seasons are really tricky now so better bring an umbrella or rain gear. You can also arrange a sidetrip to Cebu since it takes roughly 2 hours by ferry.

More Filipino deli to try in Bohol:

Also try the homemade ice cream in Bohol Bee Farm :)



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