Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Shower: Say Hello to Juan!

The announcement of the coming of a new baby came sometime in mid 2010. It was relayed with restrained excitement dashed with some anxiety. But since I know that my dear friend has been planning for this wonderful event, I know that she is ready and will be a great new mom!

The new mom is my best friend since highschool. We have a lot of things in common and share a lot of sentiments. We talked about almost everything that comes to mind. I first met her in first year high school and we've been close since. She was the one who taught me how to commute! Before we met, I couldn't go out without my mom, dad or sister. Even if it was just a few minutes to get to Shangrila or SM Megamall, I couldn't do it on my own. I learned to be brave and street smart because of her. My transfer did not keep her from going over to our house and spending time with me. Likewise, I looked forward to going over to their house or to the mall during weekends.

One of our worst travel experience together was in Puerto Galera. It was our first time to go on May 1 and we ended up renting a really small residential hut because the resorts were already full. It was also the first time I was with someone who brought umbrella on the beach ;) (oh c'mon!). One time, she brought me to Baguio for her birthday. It was early and we didn't have much to do so we decided to get Tequila (was it?). Don't ask what happened next!

My dear friend was one of the closest people who stayed with me during my most depressed time (6 long years) and bared hearing my complaints. She would go out of her way to visit me and my eldest son (it was right to make her his godmother) whether in Quezon City or in Los BaƱos. I've told her disappointing and shocking discoveries of a first time mom and how its been to be permanently tied to someone.

new mom and dad!
Marriage, family and in-laws have been our favorite topics the past 2 or 3 years. 2011 is a great new year for her as she welcomes a more challenging role to be a mother. And I am happy that now she can relate to what I have been complaining about. Haha! Although I know that I am the whiner more than she is, I am proud to welcome her to the world of mommyhood!

We're so excited to say hello to Juan :)

Had fun at her baby shower in Chicago KTV. Thanks Ate Rica and Marj!



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