Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My 2011 New Year's Resolutions

I have been irking to launch HandsAtWorkPh since 2003. I have not formally set it up and has been revised from time to time to fit new learnings and trends. I've been trying to put it up since I confirmed my love for Philippine-made crafts and products. I started joining bazaars and local tiangges to make these beautifully crafted products to the Metro Manila market. My goal was to streamline their use and, hopefully, get the prices affordable to many and also profitable to local makers. I enjoy marketing them but overhead costs took up most of my profits back then.

In 2007, I accepted my in-law's offer to start and initially manage his lifestyle shop in Legazpi Village, Makati. It highlighted his ingenious interior designs and featured locally manufactured crafts as well as those from nearby Asian countries. Later the same year, my cousin, Sarah, joined me for HandsAtWorkPh's Spa Souvenirs. Along with bazaars, we also promoted it to close friends. However, it was shortlived. I, eventually, went back to writing full time (can't live without it!) and she started her online money-making endeavors as well. We are still itching to get back in business and I hope she can still join me come this year.

Just before January ends, I've put up this list so I can be occasionally reminded of my daily To Do's. Since attending the Certified Blog Entrepreneur Program last 2010, I've been overwhelmed with what I can do with my passion for writing and sharing what I learn. Hence, I have revised and elaborated my blogging goals, personal To Do's and integrated it with my entrepreneurial endeavors:

1. Harness my writing skills. 
Every skill entails a never-ending journey to its perfection. That's why I started to blog! I've been writing for others since I left college, its about time I make money for my own assets. Yes, I am minding my own business now. I got that from reading Kiyosaki, I hope I can make use of all the lessons I've picked up from the guru! Will write more about that later at my new blog.

2. Work out my e-commerce site ;)

Its in partnership with my mom. I got my entrepreneurial itch from her. Since I started selling small time (in college), I've been wanting to do more. The site's up but I need to put in content and graphics. Any web designers willing to help? :) I am hoping to launch it mid-year. 

3. Help promote small and micro enterprises nationwide

Use the certificate I earned to help promote local artisans and Medical Tourism in the Philippines :) I love Pinas and I am glad it just keeps getting better!

4. Get a reliable back-up internet connection.
By February, we will start our out-of-town trips. I hope to maintain my blogs and get Twitter updates even when I don't have my dedicated postpaid broadband. By mid-year, I should have my e-commerce site up. By then I should have a back-up mobile internet connection for my laptop so I can stay connected and answer customer inquiries even when I leave the Metro. 

I have recently learned about the Globe Tattoo SuperStick and will try it on our first out-of-town trip this coming February. See you at the Panagbenga 2011 Festival!
For those who have tried Globe's Superstick, can you rate your experience from 1 to 5 and leave a comment below? I consider blogger friends' feedback seriously :)

5. Be an Armchair Activist
Many people know about what's happening but still refuse to say what they want to say. I pledge to make things better for the environment and for the online community by being active in promoting causes for the environment and health.



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