Monday, October 10, 2011

Molding Entrepreneurs through the HYD Seminars

Last October 8, the designer contestants had mini-seminars to equip them in their artistic and business endeavor. The Fashion Face-Off was, after all, not just about design. They have to go through a development process which will enhance their management and entrepreneurial skills. I think the fun part, besides the conceptualization and design phase, is they get to tap the online market with a support group. It is a good thing that HYD is supporting these aspiring designers.

The contestants, as well as the media partners, had a sampling of Coach Pia Nazareno-Acevedo’s coaching and leadership seminar. In the colorful and fast-paced world of fashion, visionaries take the lead. 

“Dream the dream of others” 
Coach Pia offered basic but important things to consider when engaged with a client. I suddenly recalled my speech classes back in college. We were taught basics, but we tend to forget and skimp when we don’t practice. As professionals, the young designers need to be aware of how they look (non-verbals) and sound (verbal). Being and looking young, Coach Pia explains, can be disadvantageous in a way that people may not take you seriously. Although these young entrepreneurs are having fun, they sure take their craft seriously. This does not only apply to the fashion industry, but it may be highlighted because appearances (visual aesthetics) and perceptions mean a lot in the fashion industry.

Ms Reza Aznar of Giordano Philippines discussed how trends, forecasts and movements can be assessed to come up with design that’s right for your target market. She gave a very informative seminar and acknowledged the fact that new fashion trends take so long to reach the Philippines. I am hopeful that it will speed up as soon as e-commerce will be more openly accepted locally. Let’s just be optimistic that many young Filipino designers have been acknowledged overseas for their exquisite creations.
Maybe one of these HYD contestants will follow. I'm no fashion authority, but I did get to pick some of my favorites. Among them were from Bailey Dava and Klart Lim's Collections. I'm eyeing some more designs but I doubt if I can wear them.  Yes, I try hard not to buy on impulse :) and make sure I use what I buy. Go look at HYD’s First Collection at http://hotyoungdesigners.com/ and see which one catches your fancy. Happy shopping! 

Coach Pia Nazareno-Acevedo, the founder and CEO of Creative Human Resources Group, the Managing Director of The Love Institute and the CEO of The OneCORE Success Center, has been a Performance Management Coach and Relationship Expert for the past 12 years.

Reza Aznar is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Clothing Technology in UP Diliman and currently working for Giordano Philippines as an  Assistant Product Development Manager and Buyer. 



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