Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year-End Hassle-Free Shopping at the Comfort of My Home

New Year's Eve Preparations
Last day of the year! This morning had been busy going to the market and buying stuff for New Year’s Eve celebration. Our local market was buzzing with excitement as residents competed for the best meat cuts and freshest produce. We’re having Chicken Parmigiana, Tuna Enchiladas, Smoked Salmon on Focaccia and Double Cheese Platter (instead of the usual three, I only bought two kinds). On the side, I’m preparing Chicken Poppers and Pesto for the boys. Though, I’m still thinking whether to make the old festive Fruit Salad or Fruit Platter with chocolate ganache.

Almost done with my “To Do” backlog for 2010. Still on the list: buy an affordable and decent mobile phone. I lost 2 mobile phones this year and, during the past few days, was left with nothing to use. My friends kept telling me to get a cheap Cherry because they’ve been trying to text me since Christmas Eve. But I’m not an impulsive buyer. Instead, I try to do my research first so that I don’t regret buying later. I canvass online before doing the legwork.

Before I had kids, I used to buy tons of irrelevant and expensive stuff. It takes some effort and discipline to stop myself from splurging on things that are not essential. I learned from the masters that one of the keys to being wealthy is to control your expenses. I am trying hard to follow that philosophy. Yesterday, I got one of the old phones fixed. But when I woke up to charge it this morning, it wouldn’t turn on!
I made it a point to check out AyosDito for new posts of mobile phones. I badly need one. I scanned until the 3rd page and was surprised to see some HTC phones and the new Samsung Galaxy. I like seeing variety when I shop. The other day, I checked out an online auction site and didn’t stay too long after seeing so many imitation phones and repeat posts of the same item. It’s tedious having to sort through the maze of duplicate posts. Imitation phones are just not worth my time. I can’t settle for something I know will disappoint me later.

Garmin Nuvi GPS Navigator
I saved 3 phones that I would like to get in January. I am considering my purchase as an investment to increase my efficiency and productivity. While browsing the phones and gadgets section, I also saw some very interesting gadgets, such as the Garmin Nuvi 250W GPS Navigator. It was loaded with the Philippine road map. The description provided technical information and user-friendly features. Awesome and handy! Too bad I saw this after Christmas gift giving. But I saved it for future reference.

Because I also like to look around for ideal properties, I checked the Properties section. I saw a lot of updated information, from apartment for rent to condominiums for sale. I saved 2 which I considered good value for money. I usually stumble upon friends who are looking for properties to rent or buy. Maybe I can help by referring them to this site.

I better wrap-up to start New Year’s Eve preparations. Wishing all my readers a blessed and prosperous 2011!



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